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My name is...

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...and I'm

a social interventionist helping entrepreneurs overcome the barriers of marketing in a virtual world.  

...let's do this




Oh! Hey there!

Hey! Hi! How are ya?

I guess we should probably start off with some honesty before we progress to the next level in our relationships, wouldn't you agree? I mean, especially if we plan on getting really serious with one another...

...you know, having a future together and all!

Well, here it is:

I don't sugar coat SH*T

My intervention strategy may be a tad bit unorthodox because let's be real, neither one of us have time to beat around bushes or pussy foot around feelings.


After all, there is no crying in baseba...err, I mean business right?

phew, ok !

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I really feel like we could have a future together. Like, you + me = 4ever type stuff. 

Let's see where this crazy journey takes us, shall we?! 

I know, I know, that's harsh.

But, I told you I don't sugar coat stuff.

There's no need to say all kinds of fluffy feel good stuff just to try and keep you around.

I work with people who are ready to make boss moves in their business and that usually starts with having thick skin, a sense of humor and some major grit. 

Why do they fail? Because they are willing to make the necessary changes, shifts and pivots they need to grow as a business and well, as a person. 

Because everything starts with you.

If you're not squared away, your business will become a

soup sandwich (sorry, thats the military lingo for you're a hot mess). 

Well, no one likes soup sandwiches because they're soggy and nasty so I'm going to make sure you're on the favorable side of that 50% statistic. 


Did you know...

50% of Online Entrepreneurs

 give up in the first year?


So, now what?

This is usually where a lot of people get stuck and never take action. 

They stay as simply great thoughts and good intentions but there is little to no action on youyr part to make them reality.  Why?

Simple really...


The thing that keeps most people stuck in business and life is doubt.

One of the things I help people see is how possible anything is , if you want it to be. You can call it manifestation or just plain old hard work but...

It works. 


I havce helped hundreds of people find success in life and business simply by overcoming this one factor (along with learning other skills along the way, too)


But essentially, the foundation to success is eliminating the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your ability. The two cannot coexist:


Doubt and Success

So, if you're ready to work on those things...

I think you  found your girl!


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