Can people join your team and make their first sale while you sleep?


If the answer is no, you need a better onboarding system! You  may be thinking:


"What the heck is an onboarding system?" 



It's a process or a series of processes you use to equip, train and indoctrinate someone into an environment to create better understanding and simpler duplication 



Essentially, it's a system where someone can start something on day one and understand what to do.


...and the best systems are ones where YOU are not needed. 


Wait What?!




What if I said I could help you create a self-guided training system for every team member and you only had to send them a link?


No more necessary three way calls, welcome calls, training/start-up zooms, etc.


I mean these are all great resources but they can be the EXTRA things you do instead of the necessary things that needs to be done in order for people to get started. 

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