who the heck am I?

But first


I paid $150,000 for an advanced degree to get a job that paid me $50,000/yr working an average of 50+ hours a week. 


I mean that's success, right? Isn't that what we are told?

Even though it sounds ridiculous to say out loud, most of us actually believe that's as good as it gets, and I was no exception.

That was only until I discovered a way to do whatever the heck I wanted and get paid a limitless amount. I'm assuming if you're reading this you may have recently realized this as well!

Well, fast forward almost 4 years later and this accidental journey brought me home from my 9-5 (or should I say 7-7, lol )  allows me to work from anywhere in the world, never miss a moment with my two children or husband, helps me make multiple 6-figures a year and I actually get excited to wake up each day and "work". 



I'm a Clinical Therapist turned accidental entrepreneur who had no intention of leaving her 9-5 until I had cracked the code to at-home success. 

What I Do

I blend my extensive background in behavioral psychology and 

professional development with modern sales practices 

to help online entrepreneurs, like you, shift their presence online to become more influential and authentic in the online space.


I want you to think of it as therapy for your business!

I'm going to help you date your clients. 

Woah there hot stuff... not really date your clients

I'm talking figuratively

I'm going to help you understand and master the process of attracting your dream clients.

Think of me as the Fairy Godmother

to your Cinderella, ok?

Except, in this story when midnight comes, you don't turn back into an awkward, fumbling mess who gets locked away in a tower while your ugly step sisters get all the good clients. 

Sound good?


Want to work with me?

  • Want to make money from anywhere but feel like you would have no idea where to start? Maybe it feels overwhelming, scary and you're probably even a bit skeptical (sounds like me when I first started)

  • Maybe you've wanted to but you have let the opinions of others stop you.

  • Maybe you're currently in an opportunity and just don't feel aligned with what you're doing. 

  • You could work with me every day as a personal coach and mentor just like hundreds of other people get to each day. 

  • Want to belong to a family of rockstar individuals who are goal-oriented, success-minded and purpose-driven? I don't blame you

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