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social media May 13, 2021

Seven-figure Tips for Posting on Social Media as an Online Entrepreneur

Are your posts a little Ho Hum and lacking that fiery engagement other people in your niche seem to get?

It can be discouraging to put lots of thought, time and energy into an awesome post just for it to fall flat on its face and not feel like it's even reaching anyone!

A lot of new online entrepreneurs struggle with what to post, when to post and where to post! Don't worry, I'll help you take the guess work out of it.


Frustrated with not getting any engagement on your posts? 

I know it can feel REALLY frustrating to put all this time into making a great post, or feeling like you don't even know how to write a "great post", like other people seem to. How is it others can get hundreds of likes per post and you can't seem to manage more than 25 or 50 on a good day?!


I have been there before myself and have coached lots of other people so they can start becoming more attractive to their ideal audience with just a few simple changes to their posts!


Want me let you in on some of those secrets and even give you some posts to can copy and paste to begin seeing some improvement on your social media game? Well , duh....that was a silly question.


it's easier than you think. Most of the time our posts lack engagement because of one of the following issues:


1) We are not speaking our audiences language


2) We are not posting value ( Education, Entertaining, Inspiring or Interactive)


3) We're not consistent enough


4) We are posting too much of the same thing and out audience is bored


5) You aren't trying to grow your audience


OK so, #3 and #5 are different topics for a different time.


But these 50 posts will help you with the others and can hopefully give you a direction in which in which to head for future posts!


50 Ideas for Social Media Posts


Interactive Posts

  1. What is one thing from your hometown/home state that only locals would know?

  2. Which team are you a superfan of?!

  3. So which is officially the better salad dressing? ranch or Italian?

  4. Coffee or Tea? Which is more popular? Bonus points for telling me how you take/like it.

  5. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

  6. What 5 tangible items would you bring with you to a desert island?

  7. Tell us 5 random facts about yourself! I'll go first!...

  8. Movies or TV? Which do you prefer?

  9. Who the best Band/Singer of all time?

  10. Tell us your career using only emojis or GIFs


Educational Posts

  1. Tell us one misconception about your industry or what you do

  2. What are 5 little known facts about something?

  3. What is one basic thing you recently learned how to do?

  4. What is one strange thing you believe to be true that not man y others do?

  5. Teach your audience how to do something (live , tiktok, video)

  6. How did you get started in your industry

  7. Who are some pioneers in your industry, tell us cool facts about them!

  8. "Did you know".. a post that sheds light on what you do that enlightens people

  9. Compare and contrast industries, products, etc.

  10. How much do you think the average (someone in your industry) makes a year?



  1. Share a Meme, TikTok or Youtube video that made you laugh

  2. Make a video, snapchat or TikTok to make people laugh

  3. Find a relatable post and tell a story of when something similar happened to you

  4. GIF war in the comments section (you post the first and each GIF after it has to be related to the one above it)

  5. Find an inspirational clip from a movie or show and post it

  6. Live Video

  7. Show something funny that happened/is happening in your life

  8. Tell a story of something moving, relatable or funny.

  9. Post a funny animal or "fail compilation" video/vine

  10. Make a fun video clip of you lip-syncing and preforming to your favorite song



  1. Share a quote that Inspires you (Bonus points for recreating it in Canva and making it your own as an image)

  2. Share a youtube clip of an inspirational video that motivates you

  3. Go live and share something vulnerable you have overcome to offer HOPE to others in that situation

  4. Tell a story of an underdog who overcame challenges

  5. Tell a little known fact about someone inspirational, something that lets people know, it doesn't matter what you face, you can overcome

  6. Show off an accomplishment of your own (no matter how big or small)

  7. Shout out someone else and something they have accomplished. Tag them and make their day!

  8. Write a short inspiring message (example: "If you can't find inspiration around you, try looking in the mirror" )

  9. Who is someone that inspires you and why?

  10. Ask your audience, "what is one dream/wish you have"?


  1. Ask your audience to share their favorite memory
  2. Share a book recently that changes your perspective/life
  3. Share a product you swear by
  4. What can't you stop watching/listening to recently? Ask your audience to share theirs
  5. "Post a photo as if a toddler took it"
  6. Ask for recipes (make it relevant to the season or holiday)
  7. Ask which social platform they prefer (IG, FB, Twitter, TikTok, etc)
  8. Whats one thing about their childhood they miss
  9. If you could have been/be anything (for a career) what would it be?
  10. Post a before and after (weight loss, skincare, skills, young/older, etc)

How is posting like this helping my business?

You're probably thinking to yourself, Courtney why didn't you put anything in their about sharing my product/ business?


Well, because frankly, no one actually wants to hear about that. It's true. They followed you for you and your life and the value you offer. They joined for social connection, not to be sold something.


We need to abide by the 80/20 rule. Only post about your business, products or services no more than 20% of the time. The rest of the time you should be sharing about your life, asking questions from your audience and engaging with them.


Why is this so important and how is it going to help you find your people so quickly?


1) It will work the algorithm in your favor-- big time  

2) People will get to know you, and as they do, you'll start to create superfans

3). You'll get to know your audience better and engage with them more. You'll start to learn who you connect with more.


Once you show your audience you are relatable, normal and fun/inspiring, they will want to see more of you. They will begin to like you and even trust you...


...and that my friend, is the key to success! It's all about how you make people feel; your connection with them will translate into their connection with your product or service.


You also create more conversational opportunities to talk about what you do or offer in a more natural way that makes people feel attracted to it.


I hope you found this helpful!


If you did, go to pinterest and re-pin this to your boards for later! Don't forget to screenshot it and tag me: so I can thank you for reading this and connect with you!


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