Social Media Marketing for Network Marketers

Social Media 101 for Network Marketers


Network marketers are a unique breed of entrepreneurs that have the ability to create professional and personal relationships with people they don't know and make an income out of it whilst maintaining low overhead and minimal investment.

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for networking marketers because it helps them reach new customers, increase brand awareness, provide customer service, and generate leads. The following blog post will teach you how to use social media marketing in your business.


Using Social Media as a Network Marketer 

So many Network Marketers struggle with how to use social media in a way that works their business while also remaining authentic as the person they were BEFORE becoming a network marketer. 

I feel you , it's tough to find a balance; especially when so many of the "old ways" of Network Marketing are still being circulated *barf*. 


Essentially the best way is to be authentic to YOU in how you  promote your products.



  • Network marketers know that they'll never find a more cost effective way to market their business than social media.


  • Social Media Marketing is an essential tool for networking marketers because it helps them reach new customers, increase brand awareness, provide customer service, and generate leads


Learning how to leverage both networking and social media is essential to becoming successful inside network marketing. Literally the word spells out exactly what we do, Network Ten market. The beauty of Social media is that we are able to do both on this platform. While we are not going to slowly utilize social media to grow our business this article will talk about how to leverage this free resource as a marketing tool to scale your network marketing business to new heights.


In the last 10 years Social media has become the most widely used for a free source of marketing, especially as more and more users are drawn to the platforms every year. The platforms themselves have even become wiser in understanding the scope of impact they have on potential buyers. 




Let's talk about some strategies to use in your network marketing business:


Social Media Strategies to use in Your NWM Business


One of the best ways to promote your network marketing business on social media is by using video content like Facebook or Instagram Live videos or stories to show your audience what's going on behind-the-scenes at your company after hours, the making of your brand/products or services, your life, engagement, etc.

You cannot only utilize it to show off your product or service but also to help your audience get to learn a little bit more about you and who you are. This can be your story or your brand story or maybe they are one-in-the-same. Either way this gives your audience an inside peek that traditional marketing will otherwise omit. 


But that's not what we are going to talk about today. We're gonna talk about how to utilize the free aspect of the platform to grow your network marketing business.


2) Posts

Obviously posts are important because this is what people consume in their daily life and how things "pop" up (thanks to an algorithm) See the section below for tips on how and what to post. It is important to understand when your audience is active / online so you know what days and times to share your value. You want to make sure if you spend lots of time curating amazing, valuable content, it is seen by your ideal audience. We have a resource that can help give you a guideline on what times and days are best to post on certain platforms (LINK HERE) but the best thing to do is to pay attention to when your audience is most active and engaged by looking at your insights regularly. 


3) Stories

Stories are the most consumed content on social media platforms because they are quick and simple. They feed our need for immediate dopamine hits. This means -- focus on your stories. Show people behind the scenes of your life, product, business, etc. Use this as a ways to more intimately connect with your audience, engage with them, asking them questions and showing a more open and vulnerable side of who you are.  These do not have to be as "branded" as your posts may want to be - you're able to get a little more open with them. 


Storytelling is always the priority 

The most important aspect you need to remember when utilizing social media for your network marketing business is YOU ARE NOT SELLING. This can be a difficult concept and it will take time, but if you allow yourself to keep this in mind then the whole process becomes easier.


It's ok to utilize social media as an extension of what you have going on with your business just don't use solely as a platform sell products or sign up people into downlines without any context or purpose. Instead, use what is going on in your life to showcase the usefulness of your opportunity or product.  Talk about the problems you  have or hardships you might be experiencing to how how your products/opportunity solves those issues. 

Use The Three F's prompt

Feel: I totally understand how you feel (identify with them) 

Felt: I felt that way before too (validate their experience)

Found: But what I found was (offer the solution)


Now, do not necessarily use this as a SCRIPT, but more like a prompt to help you remember to identify with them, validate their experience and offer the solution you found. 


You  can also do this in your posts/captions as well

Here is an example: 

"I see you-- tired momma sitting on the couch trying to muster every ounce of energy you  can to want to play with your kids when all you  want to do is get another hour of sleep. I know how you  feel because that used to be me. I used to figure out how I could trey and sneak in naps here and there while the kids slept but somehow laundry, the floors or dishes always won and i was left continually feeling drained. But then I discovered (insert your product) and it changed my life. Now, I am up BEFORE the kids with all the energy in the world, get my housework done and still have energy left over to play with them. That mom-guilt i struggled with before?... gone. THIS is the motherhood I always dreamed up! Now, it's my reality and  i love that I get to help other women make this their reality too!


Also, don't forget to be real. Be genuine and transparent about what's going on in your business, because authenticity breeds trustworthiness. Honesty doesn't always come easy but it will go a long way towards building relationships with people who are looking for answers or solutions from you. If you have something good to say don't hesitate! Share the news and show some enthusiasm - this also goes for anything bad that happens too. People appreciate hearing how others handle challenges inside their businesses so share the ups AND downs authentically and genuinely when possible



So, What Do I Share?

Here are the three main things you  need to focus on when it comes to posting.

First is, value.  What value are you offering your audience with who you  use social media. This means stop posting copy-paste images of your products and stock images. It means stop posting meaningless memes, recipes, re-shares , etc. that do not fit your brand or serve your audience. If it fits in your niche and your audience engages with it regularly, keep with it-- but most of the time it does not. 

Instead post something that it: 


- a quote 

- motivational message 

- transformational story 



- ask a question

- get feedback 

- pose a this or that question 

- do trivia or a guessing game, etc. 



- how to's

- secrets of your industry 

- hacks and tips 

- did you know 

- "truth bombs"


Next is of course, branding. Understand your brand and what value aligns with this branding. This allows your audience to know exactly how you can serve them - you become the go-to person on those subjects. If your branding is about beauty, hair care, skin, feminine energy, etc. Don't keep sharing crock pot recipes or teaching people to change their oil (unless you  can find a way to work it into your brand). To learn what your brand is or develop a brand that's truly YOU  and that your audience finds attractive- take this mini course on discovering your unique brand and giving your social media a makeover  (Link HERE) to learn more. 


Lastly is community engagement. Most social networks have features which allow for small groups or communities to be created where conversations can take place between like-minded individuals with shared interests. If possible try to engage with these groups of people when they post by liking their posts and commenting now and again on their personal content. You have to be careful though not to spam people with irrelevant content just for the sake of building your own social media presence.


Use my RCM method to get the right people into your social media community.

To learn more about my RCM method click here (Insert link).


In the end, Network Marketers don't need to know how to use social media just because of the fact they are network marketers. They need it because almost everyone else knows how, and that is where you can gain a competitive edge in getting your business message out there. You need to stand out and have a strong brand presence. Yes, you as a person have a brand (and it's not the company).



Here are the Key Takeaways:

- Social media is an essential marketing tool for network marketers.

- It's important to not spam people with irrelevant content.

- Build genuine relationships with people

- Stay true to you and be real, raw and honest

- My RCM Method will help you get the right social media followers and grow your business message online without out dated tactics that drive people away

- Your personal brand can be used as a competitive edge in social media, so make sure it stands out!



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