How do I become successful in Network Marketing?

network marketing May 13, 2021

Why Do Most Network Marketers Fail?


Today I want to speak to Network Marketers.

...failure to adapt

Hold on,  Let me explain


If you've followed me for any length of time, you know, I'm definitely passionate about this subject because it's not talked about enough in Network Marketing.


Surprisingly, it's talked a lot about in the upper echelons of network marketing, like the Guru's of network marketing, you know, the millionaires of this industry...because they know what's up. But somewhere along the lines it gets watered down and down and down until we are back to "regular Network Marketing" instead of smart network marketing.


For some reason, the industry as a whole is still so resistant to this idea. I mean, even within an organization and I'm not just talking about the company—I'm talking the team as a whole that I'm apart of, resists it out of instinct. It's almost natural.


I mean, to be honest, I get it because it's different and we resist change naturally as humans. We resist change because our brain seeks homeostasis, right? It seeks repetition; it seeks what it knows; it seeks comfort. So, whenever you challenge it—the way things have always been done—it's naturally met with resistance.


So, if you were a part of, or if you've listened to my podcast from the very beginning, you know that I did an episode on Network Marketing and it kind of caused some waves (if you missed it, it's one of the first episodes).


It talks about (the very real reasons) why people think MLM is a pyramid scheme and how we can't really argue with them because most of it is true. Our inflexibility with adapting to changing times is astonishing for such a cutting edge industry teams--really. It's almost odd.


But to be honest, the way people in the industry went about building a market and successful teams, isn't how it's done today and wont be how it's done tomorrow., It's called evolution.


And right now, we are at breaching another point in our evolution. We are entering a new age, and you my friend, most definitely want to be a part of it.


So, how is Network Marketing changing?

Well, first of all, it's always changing and if you think it's the same today as it was 50 years ago, that's why you're struggling or maybe you're succeeding but you're exhaaaauuusted.


Times are-a-changing folks and they're changing whether YOU change or not. It's a fact of the matter. How adaptable are you? This is one of the largest reasons Network Marketers fail. This turns millionaires into paupers and gurus into has beens. If they cannot adapt, they lose their changing audience and their success right along with it.


Chances are, if you are stuck, you are branding the company, not yourself. So you are actually not an entity or a business at all. I k now... that shatters the whole "mom-preneur" "SHE-E-O" Boss Babe" thing. But it's ok...


Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring calls it "You, Inc" . What he means build a brand that is YOU, not the company you partner with. Build something you own,


What do I mean by that?

You own nothing right now. Not your products, not your company or back office, or warehouse or even your customers, team members. You can actually be terminated... so you're not the CEO of anything (...yet).


How do I brand myself effectively inside Network Marketing?

Be you. Not your products. Not your company. YOU.

 Offer value outside of your product and opportunity (begin to establish "You, Inc"). What value do you provide to your audience that, if your company went under, or you were terminated/left tomorrow, you could still maintain a business and functioning brand? It can be anything!
  • Trainings

  • Coaching

  • Entertainment

  • Motivation

  • FB/IG Lives

  • Pinterest

  • Blogs

  • Podcast

  • etc.


So many people join network marketing and immediately try to be stellar at things they don't really know how to do--networking and marketing. It's one of the only industries where you can come in as a complete novice with zero skills and become a millionaire. In fact, there is no vetting process at all, you're automatically "qualified", which is both awesome and a crappy at the same time.


If you don't know how to adapt and shift it can be a tiresome road ahead because you're going to join with all these high hopes and dreams, and then you're going to crash and burn and feel worse than before you joined.Why? Because you joined with hopes not wok ethic; dreams not determination; desire, not a willingness to learn, etc. Once you fail to adapt you become doubtful; doubt leads to fear and fear leads to inactivity which leads to... giving up.


In fact, 50% of most network marketers quit in their first year


Because they fail to adapt! They fail to adjust their mindset from quick fix to playing the long game. They fail to adapt to new skills. They fail to adapt to their new schedule. They fail to adapt to a new culture/team atmosphere, and so much more.



What are the things that fuel you?

If you had to teach a class for 30 minutes, what would it be on?


The things that come to mind are the things you should think about doing more often to add/offer value to your audience.


Anything you can do that encourages, educates or entertains someone, is offering value.


Have you seen Facebook ads where people are like, "365 days of a content calendar made for you! Click Now", or "Learn how to close 250 new recruits in the first 30 days." They're offering value. They're figuring out what are they good at, what they can teach and pairing it with what their audience is looking for and bam... problem, meet answer.


The value you provide can be on anything you're passionate about/good at. It's also a problem that meets a need for your audience and helps them somehow. That is "value".


You see, value is simply based on how well a solution solves a problem. If I just ate a thanksgiving meal and someone came to my house asking me to buy food, it had no value to me because I have no need of it. But, Is they stop by and I just finished fasting for a week, I bet now it has some value now doesn't it?


So, how do we do this in Network Marketing exactly?

People follow you for you, not for the opportunity. They follow you for you, not your product—so give them what they came for; give the people want they want. Your job is to give them "You, Inc". and then you funnel them into even greater value you offer exchange for their email.


This is key

This is how you build an email list for FREE and also (if you're selling some offers) you can even make money from these offers whether they join your opportunity, buy your system or not!


It might be against compliance to build an email list associated with this company you partner with. So you don't want to build an email list that's strictly about your opportunity or product--plus chances are your back office already has that (but you don't own those leads).


Instead, you are building an email list for the value you offer outside of all that. For your blog, your podcast, your YouTube channel, your workshops, whatever value you offer.


People are going to know what to expect from you and you'll even begin to build somewhat of a fan base. (major, like, know and trust factor). If your value/offer fills a need of theirs, they're going to give you their email in exchange for that offer of yours (whether paid or free). You continue to offer value delivered in their inbox over and over and over again; if you want to learn more about this, there are so many resources out there, but the best one I think, ever, is Magnetic Sponsoring.


So, how do I get more leads?

 Let's be honest, you could be generating leads in your inbox, like thousands per day, and you literally don't have to pick up your phone. Save your social media time for communicating with your team and building relationships, not your only means of cultivating leads. Save it for connecting. Use social media to showcase the awesome life that you're blessing yourself with due to the opportunity or what your product does for you and others .
I just keep stepping up on this soapbox part of me thinks like; I might as well just stay on it.

...but my point is, work smarter not harder. Learn to leverage, not just other people's efforts, but technology yo! We live in a day and age where technology can do so much to help our cause and yet we refuse to allow it to because of:

1) Stubbornness


2) Pride


3) Ignorance


Do not allow any of those to keep you from growing; you'd only be getting in your own way.

Most ancient or inflexible network marketers will say, "but you're losing human connection!"


First of all Barbara, you're not. You're gaining time back from the tedious tasks that really aren't any more effective than a program is. In fact, you have MORE TIME to connect with people because you're not wasting time with menial tasks that make no significant dents in your business.


Another amazing part, it's automated. People are clicking on your offer, signing up for your email, clicking on your ads, etc all in the background for you, you're not having to be present for it to work.


You literally just:

*Click* here's the money I want to spend, boom done. *Click* here are the people I want to target, boom done. *Click* here is how often I want it to run, boom done.


You connect to your little file to it that took you five minutes to make in Canva, or a prerecorded freebie zoom that's maybe 10 mins long. If it's taking too long, you need to hire that out to Fiverr or Upwork. I recently discovered Fiverr and holy moly, it's life-changing . So if you have value and don't know how to deliver it, contact someone on Fiverr and be like, "Hey, I want you to edit this video for me. Hey, can you make this into a PDF?", Hey, can you make this look cool because I kind of suck at it?"


So really, the only thing you have to do is figure out what you bring to the table besides the opportunity and product the company you partner with offers. Figure out a way to offer it to people (video, file, website, podcast, etc) and do it. Market it. That's it.


I hope you found this helpful and I hope it helps you understand what a great tool Network Marketing can be if you use it correctly and how it can be sexy again.


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