Do you an Employee or Entrepreneur Mindset?

Are You An Employee or Entrepreneur?


Today we are going to talk about what kind of mindset you have because I believe people who take on entrepreneurship, a network marketing opportunity, open a boutique, or anything where they are their own boss-- need to read this!

Whether you are already in one of those opportunities I listed above or you're thinking about it, listen up because I want you to evaluate which mindset you have since because it will make or break your success.

Now, mindsets are not fixed, they are fluid. They can change and and shift, but whatever you do in the mindset you current have will be polluted by it or grow because of it. Ya follow?



There are 4-Types of Entrepreneurs 

1) People who were born for it, wired to achieve it and thrive from it

2) People who make it work by transforming their mindset and their actions

3) People who like the idea, but don't like the work or haven't found their calling

4) People who feel drawn to it but never take action


A lot of people find the idea of entrepreneurship thrilling and most definitely see the value in it. However, their brains are not wired for it, nor do they bother to work on that mind-shift in order to make it work, they simply continue forcing the opportunity or quitting.


Sound like you maybe? That's ok. If entrepreneurship is something you really really want, it's not too late for you. Remember, mindsets are fluid. They change and grow with timer and focus.


Them, you have the 5th type of person, and even though it is only 1 out of 5, this is where the majority of people are.


These are the people who like being an employee and have no desire nor feel any sort of pull to be entrepreneurial. That's ok!


However, a lot of the time what keeps people who have an entrepreneurial desire stuck is their mindset. I mean, if we are being real, what keeps most of us stuck in any situation is our mindset!




What is an Employee Mindset?

This one is relatively easy. See if it describes you?

  1. It's not free thinking.

  2. It likes being told what to do not because it likes authority, but because it needs other people to hold it accountable.

  3. It needs to be told what to do/ needs instruction

  4. It's reactive instead of proactive.

  5. It is great at following directions, and carrying them out but not initiating problem solving

  6. It needs management over leadership. (meaning it needs to be told exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it, vs just seeing it and replicating it)

  7. It doesn't take initiative and rarely goes the extra mile just because. If they do these things it's because there is something in it for them.

  8. Lives for the immediate check/pay out

  9. Trade time for money

  10. Does not take risks. Sees risks as foolish and "unsafe".


Now, some people who fit into one of the 4 categories listed in the beginning of this blog, may fit into some of these and that's ok, because again, mindset is fluid. However, one thing you have to keep in mind is that "Employees" have this mindset PLUS a zero desire to be entrepreneurial.


What is an Entrepreneur Mindset?

Even though you may not be a bonafide entrepreneur yet, you may have this mindset. Even if you're in a normal job right now, you may have some of these qualities. If that is the case, you should consider something entrepreneurial: a side hustle or another venturer in time.

  1. Always initiating change, trying to create new systems or simplify processes.

  2. Resists the idea of being told what to do especially by someone they perceive as less competent or not as hard working as them.

  3. Does what needs to get done even when authority isn't present and there's no accountability.

  4. Takes initiative. Tried new things. Doesn't wait to be told when there's a need; they identify it and try to fix it.

  5. Problem solving is their first task when hit with an obstacle, instead of looking around for someone else to fix it, or complaining.

  6. Prefers leaders and mentors over managers.

  7. Goes the extra miles even when there's no added incentive to.

  8. Understand that some things pay off later and puts int he work anyway, even when there might not be an immediate pay off.

  9. Plays the long game. Not just living for the next paycheck but showing up and working for something much farther down the line.

  10. Sees risks as necessary for growth.

Which one sounds more like you? Maybe you're a mix of both?

Well I want you to identify which one you think more like NOW based on what you are doing now/today, not what you hope to do or think like. If you're being honest with yourself, which one is it?


If you're in an entrepreneurial opportunity but you thinking mostly like an employee...


"When am I getting paid for this"?


"I'm not taking any risks until I see something out of it"


"I don't have a great leader/mentor"


"I don't know what to do/Don't know how to do that".


"I'm stuck. Maybe this Isn't for me".


Maybe this isn't for you (right now). Because that is an employee mindset and you, my friend, have entered a territory where you cannot succeed with that mindset.

So you need to figure which path you're walking and commit to one fully, instead of this half in half out BS. As someone in the entrepreneurial space, I see a lot of those fence walkers who try to have the best of both worlds. The #2 people (people who like the idea but don't like the work) or #5 people (employees). If you are not finding the success you'd like you need to shake it up and do things differently (like a true entrepreneur would) or choose not to do it anymore and waste your time, energy and effort.


How Do I Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset?

It's much simpler than you think.  

So, you may be thinking, Courtney, if it's so simple why does't everyone have it? Probably for the same reason people don't eat healthy? I mean it's not hard to know that animals and food from the ground is "healthy" so why aren't we all fit? Desire, will power, discipline, etc. So #1 is: you have to have discipline!


Why is discipline before desire? Because that's harder to develop.


Once you are disciplined and committed to the idea, it doesn't matter whether you have the desire or not. Because, let's be real, it's not the desire you lack, its the DISCIPLINE. So first and foremost, work on your discipline.




Try being more disciplined with other things in life. Stick to commitments, routines, etc. Do this for 21 days straight and it becomes a habit. Learn to develop the habit of discipline and you can conquer anything.


Next, #2 is : Take Action

Stop waiting, stop second guessing, stop holding off, etc. Just jump.

Say yes, and figure the rest out as you go. Start saying "yes" to more things without waiting for it to be perfect; without holding off until "the timing is better" or whatever you tell yourself to feel more comfortable.

Entrepreneurship isn't comfortable so learn how to navigate that now.

Most of these rationales you tell yourself are just excuses anyway. We need to get better at taking action and taking those smaller risks inherent with saying "yes" and then just figure it out later/as you go. People are great planners, but even less are action takers.

No one was ever a famous learner.

And lastly, #3: Have a Vision

Id you don't know where you want to go and how you want to get there, you wont ever get anywhere. You will be walking around in circles exhausting yourself. You need to have a clear and defined vision of your goals. Have SMART goals.




M- Measurable


A-Attainable R-Realistic T- Time Oriented


Write these goals down--goals for your business as well as goals you want to get out of your business (personal goals).


You need to no what you're aiming for. You can have the best arrows on the market, pull the arrow back as hard as you want, but if you don't have a target, you're a crappy marksmen.


I know that each and every person can find where they belong and do their life's calling if they just open themselves up enough to it and commit to it 100%! If you're feeling stuck, if you're feeling wishy washy, if you're not sure "what's for you", I encourage you to take a step back and analyze which mindset you have and then figure out, which desires you have, how much discipline you've got and then decide if you're ready to take action!


I hope you found this valuable and that it helped you find more direction in your life! As always feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or email! I love hearing from you and love hearing any feedback or thoughts you have!



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