How to Start an Online Business in 5 Easy Steps

Jul 26, 2021

5 Easy Steps to Start an Online Business


Have you ever wanted to create your own business? Do you have an idea for a business but don't know where to start? The below article will show you how to start an online business in 5 easy steps.


Do you have an idea for a business but don't know where to start? The below article will show you how to start an online business in 5 easy steps. In this guide, we will talk about leadership skills, networking with other entrepreneurs, and making sure your network marketing strategy is successful. With these three components, starting an online business won't be so difficult!

Step 1: Leadership skills


No business will flourish and succeed without somebody at the helm. Leadership is about more than just being a boss, it's also about inspiring your team to achieve greatness. This means taking care of yourself so you can lead from an empowered place. You don't have to do this by yourself though - find mentors.


Step 2:...

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Social Media Marketing for Network Marketers

Jul 09, 2021

Social Media 101 for Network Marketers


Network marketers are a unique breed of entrepreneurs that have the ability to create professional and personal relationships with people they don't know and make an income out of it whilst maintaining low overhead and minimal investment.

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for networking marketers because it helps them reach new customers, increase brand awareness, provide customer service, and generate leads. The following blog post will teach you how to use social media marketing in your business.


Using Social Media as a Network Marketer 

So many Network Marketers struggle with how to use social media in a way that works their business while also remaining authentic as the person they were BEFORE becoming a network marketer. 

I feel you , it's tough to find a balance; especially when so many of the "old ways" of Network Marketing are still being circulated *barf*. 


Essentially the...

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A leader can make or break a company's success

Jul 05, 2021

How to Become a Better Leader to Have More Success in 2021


Well first, let's discuss some things about leadership


  • Leadership is not just about what happens on your team, but also looking at what’s happening across teams and company culture.


  • You may be able to lead others effectively - but that doesn't mean certain leadership roles are for everyone and we need to figure out how to discern this.


  • The primary responsibility of a good leader is to foster an environment where people have initiative, autonomy, creativity and accountability -- all traits which help them innovate faster than their competition.


  • If there’s no trust between leaders and team members it affects overall productivity as well as employee engagement levels. They'll feel more isolated from decision makers and have less buy in. Less buy in = less productivity.


  • Maintaining a positive environment to encourage innovation in cross-functional...
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How to Use Active Listening in Your Business

Jul 02, 2021

Why You Need To Shut Up 

Learn the Importance of Active Listening and why you need to do this NOW as an Entrepreneur 










Yep! I said it... Just shut the heck up and listen. 

Too often, we think we always need to say the right thing, solve the right problem, etc. 

But I want to tell you something-- we as a society, as humans spend waaaaaay too much time speaking or thinking of speaking.




Because, we are so focused on ourselves and what we want or how we can be the expert.

We think what we say is actually what matters or is what makes all the difference. 

Want a hashtag truth bomb? It's not. No one actually cares what you have to say. 

Especially as a coach or consultant of any type; what you say has zero value if it comes from you

What do I mean by this?

People think being good in business means having to be an expert. 

They think being an...

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How do I become successful in Network Marketing?

May 13, 2021

Why Do Most Network Marketers Fail?


Today I want to speak to Network Marketers.

...failure to adapt

Hold on,  Let me explain


If you've followed me for any length of time, you know, I'm definitely passionate about this subject because it's not talked about enough in Network Marketing.


Surprisingly, it's talked a lot about in the upper echelons of network marketing, like the Guru's of network marketing, you know, the millionaires of this industry...because they know what's up. But somewhere along the lines it gets watered down and down and down until we are back to "regular Network Marketing" instead of smart network marketing.


For some reason, the industry as a whole is still so resistant to this idea. I mean, even within an organization and I'm not just talking about the company—I'm talking the team as a whole that I'm apart of, resists it out of instinct. It's almost natural.


I mean, to be honest, I...

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Get 50 Prompts to Help you Post Better on Social Media

May 13, 2021

Seven-figure Tips for Posting on Social Media as an Online Entrepreneur

Are your posts a little Ho Hum and lacking that fiery engagement other people in your niche seem to get?

It can be discouraging to put lots of thought, time and energy into an awesome post just for it to fall flat on its face and not feel like it's even reaching anyone!

A lot of new online entrepreneurs struggle with what to post, when to post and where to post! Don't worry, I'll help you take the guess work out of it.


Frustrated with not getting any engagement on your posts? 

I know it can feel REALLY frustrating to put all this time into making a great post, or feeling like you don't even know how to write a "great post", like other people seem to. How is it others can get hundreds of likes per post and you can't seem to manage more than 25 or 50 on a good day?!


I have been there before myself and have coached lots of other people so they can start becoming more attractive to their ideal...

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Do you an Employee or Entrepreneur Mindset?

Sep 20, 2020

Are You An Employee or Entrepreneur?


Today we are going to talk about what kind of mindset you have because I believe people who take on entrepreneurship, a network marketing opportunity, open a boutique, or anything where they are their own boss-- need to read this!

Whether you are already in one of those opportunities I listed above or you're thinking about it, listen up because I want you to evaluate which mindset you have since because it will make or break your success.

Now, mindsets are not fixed, they are fluid. They can change and and shift, but whatever you do in the mindset you current have will be polluted by it or grow because of it. Ya follow?



There are 4-Types of Entrepreneurs 

1) People who were born for it, wired to achieve it and thrive from it

2) People who make it work by transforming their mindset and their actions

3) People who like the idea, but don't like the work or haven't found their calling

4) People who feel drawn to it...

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